Is JS frontend or backend?

Is JS frontend or backend?
Posted by Gary Jackson

Web development has quickly turned into one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative professional fields. There are already more than 4 billion users of the world wide web. This number is only going to increase in the future. Also, there are more than 1.5 billion websites and more than 6 new websites were launched by the time you finished this sentence. If you are looking to become a web developer, there are some basic concepts that you need to be aware of. One of the most basic concepts in this regard is the use of JS (JavaScript). One of the frequently asked questions when it comes to JS is whether it is a frontend language or a backend language.

What are the frontend and backend?

The frontend is the side of a site that is visible to the clients/visitors. Different elements like graphics, images, and other forms of animations are there on the frontend. The frontend does not contain any technical element like the coding. The backend is the side of the site that is visible only to the programmers/developers. It contains technical elements like coding and other similar aspects. Any changes that are to be made for a site take place here on the backend. The frontend and backend go together for any running site. If there is an issue with either one of both sides, it may bring the site down at worst or cause a few disturbances at best. 

Is Node JS frontend or backend?

Node JS

Now it is time to tell you whether JS is a language used on frontend or is it a backend language. The answer is that JS can run on both frontends as well as backend.  To understand this concept, one needs to go deeper into the concept of JS. It needs a processing engine to run. It means that theoretically, it can run on desktops, chips and even robots. JS also depends on the host environment. The most common host environment is a browser. In this case, JS becomes a frontend language. However, due to the fact that there are various server-side host environments, it can also run on the backend. For example, Node.JS is a good example of this occurrence.


All in all, JS is a language that finds its uses and applications in a wide range of fields when it comes to web development. It has been used by web developers for many years now. Until now, no language has been able to overtake JS in terms of the functionality and applications that it offers. If you are looking to be a web developer, it is of monumental importance for you to make sure that you learn its use.

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