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Basic rules for your Instagram layout

Posted by Gary Jackson

Instagram is a top-rated social media platform, with around a billion active users, according to Statista. It lets you post pictures and videos on your account related to anything within its terms and conditions. It also connects people and businesses worldwide and enables you to grow within an online community with no bounds. Furthermore, it is used for personal means as well as professional means. One of the most important features of Instagram is your feed; the content you post and how you post appears on your feed. It can be customized and built to level up your appeal to an audience.

Here are a few ways listed to design your Instagram layout in an immaculate manner.

Equip your posts with borders

The simplest ways to catch your audience’s attention are:

– Posts with consistent borders.

– Complimenting each post separately.

– Unifying the feed in one, or do it sometimes.

– Maybe two colorful or monochrome border colors.

This move is bound to flaunt proficient consistency, which elevates brand status in the eyes of your target audience.

Setting a color theme for your feed

When paired with the color of the logo your brand holds, a color theme becomes one of the most fortified tools to use for marketing. For instance, @hiltoncarter has a green-colored theme to suit his service of interior plant styling! You can experiment with numerous shades of dark, light, pastel, and glowing colors to extrapolate your posts. A color theme also portrays consistency to the customers, who generally are hesitant to interact and deal with businesses leaking even a hint of disorder.

Work with patterns

Have you ever thought of adding patterns to the field by posting in such a manner that they form a shape or design on your feed? No? Then you should take off with this, utilizing the vast number of editing applications. Patterns will link each separate post with the other and display a unique combination of symmetry and equity, with a reasonably consistent posting quality.  In addition, the article here can help you work with patterns and get a better idea of them.

Use the Grid

An image of any product always comes as convincing when shown as significant as the whole feed. An Instagram Grid is the best option to go for; Instagram will crop the picture you select in nine distinctive portions, each of them to be posted separately and within the order of the grid. Once posted, it will showcase the whole product throughout your feed and will be visually alluring. However, you will need to maintain it by posting three times in one go so the grid shifts below instead of breaking towards the right! Grids can be generous in appeal to customers, and grab their attention in a flash.


The most complicated one of the layout rules, the puzzle, is where each of your posts is to be standing out on its own and working in harmony with every other post! Achieved only by consistent posting whilst maintaining quality and in synchrony with the rest of your feed, techniques like this will make your audience believe you

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